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2021–2022 School Year
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On 19th January we had a visit from some volunteers at Handi’Chiens, which is an association whose objective is to train and provide assistance dogs to people who require support. They were joined by Schweppes the dog, who demonstrated a whole range of tasks that he has been trained to do to support a physically handicapped person, including: picking up 
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On Saturday 17th February, Grades 11 and 12 students were given the chance to take part in a First Aid training course. This intense 7-hour training led to a PSC1 certification and all 20 students graduated with success. They covered many aspects of emergency response, from dealing with bleeding to cardiac arrest and burns. The 3 instructors from the Croix 
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Recently, the Grade 2 students teamed up with their Grade 1 buddies for some cool math lessons. The Grade 2 kids were the teachers, showing the Grade 1s how to regroup while adding large numbers. Everyone had a blast, and the Grade 1s listened really well to their big buddies. It was great to see everyone having fun and learning 
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The two grade 9 Geography groups have been researching the details of a real-life earthquake and turning their findings into a re-enactment presentation of the key events. This included being ‘in the news studio’ and ‘live on the scene’ with a mix of maps, dramatic videos and images and interviews with survivors, rescue teams, hospital staff, etc. There were also 
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The ISL choir, Vocal Colours, opened the 2024 International Lyon Model United Nations (ILYMUN) ceremony on Thursday 1st February, presenting the freedom song ‘Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody’ which became an anthem during the American civil rights era, and the upbeat song ‘Freedom’, by Pharrell Williams, launching this year’s theme of Rights and Freedoms. Thank you to Ms. Vasset and Mme. Matrat 
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In our unit of inquiry ‘How the World Works’, G1 students have been enthusiastically engaged in our Scientist of the Week project, where each student presented a science experiment to their classmates. We delved into hands-on activities, exploring static electricity, experimenting with the interactions of acidic and basic ingredients, and exploring the properties of magnetic and non-magnetic items. The classroom 
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Parents and teachers recently had the opportunity to share a slice of the traditional ‘Galette des Rois’ to celebrate Epiphany. Each year, the galette des rois – meaning ‘cake of the kings’, is made by bakers and pâtissiers across the country to mark this special occasion. Inside each of the galettes is a ‘fève’ or a trinket. The person lucky 
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In their pastoral lessons, the Grade 9 students recently prepared a story for the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes.  They told the story of The Gruffalo using “Makaton”. Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. This activity enabled Grade 9 students to work on adaptation and improvisation skills, empathy and communication 
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Grade 11 have been learning about the structure of atoms, including the effects of electron excitation. The colours in the image are produced as a result of electrons in metal ions becoming “excited” after taking on energy through a process called “absorption”. When the electrons lose energy again, they emit characteristic wavelengths of light and we can identify metals by 
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Grades 3 and 4 recently had a fantastic visit to ÉbulliScience in Vaux-en-Velin, where they participated in a workshop on levers, linked to their current Unit of Inquiry titled “How the World Works”, which is about simple machines.  Students were invited to follow the procedures for scientific investigation by observing, hypothesising and then trying out various experiments!
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