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High school

When we learned in September that our usual venue was not available, ISL’s Model United Nations (MUN) club members were determined that nothing would stop their work to prepare, organize and run our annual International Lyon Model United Nations (ILYMUN) conference, which is co-hosted with the Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon (CSI). Thanks to the unwavering support of the directors 
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The ISL Robotics teams took part in the French DEFI Robotics tournament last weekend. They competed against 58 other schools from France and around Europe. Well done to all of the team for their hard work over the last few months. 
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The champion of this year’s quiz is again,  Filip, from Grade 9.  The Runner-up was again, Lewis, also from Grade 9. The quiz took place at lunchtimes in March, designed and run by Mr. Dunn in the Geography department. Quiz rounds included Geography in the news, matching amazing worldwide homes to their countries, cities in different countries, countries and capital 
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On Saturday 17th February, Grades 11 and 12 students were given the chance to take part in a First Aid training course. This intense 7-hour training led to a PSC1 certification and all 20 students graduated with success. They covered many aspects of emergency response, from dealing with bleeding to cardiac arrest and burns. The 3 instructors from the Croix 
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Grade 11 have been learning about the structure of atoms, including the effects of electron excitation. The colours in the image are produced as a result of electrons in metal ions becoming “excited” after taking on energy through a process called “absorption”. When the electrons lose energy again, they emit characteristic wavelengths of light and we can identify metals by 
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Experienced members of the Model United Nations (MUN) club participated in the Berlin Model United Nations (BERMUN), a prestigious MUN conference held in Berlin and attended by 700 students from around the world. Unintentionally, ISL sent an all-female delegation to the conference this year (Girl Power!). As always at BERMUN, our students made connections with others, sharpened their debate skills, 
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La semaine du goût (tasting week) is a week-long event that French schools organise each year in October. That week is an opportunity to celebrate and learn about many aspects of food. The Grade 9 and 10 students focused on chocolate this year. In their French lessons, they brainstormed what they knew about cocoa: its origins, its history, how it 
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The Grade 11 English and French Language and Literature classes ventured down to the Musée Guimet in Lyon to see the temporary Shepard Fairey OBEY exhibition.
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Some of the Grade 11s and 12s recently went on a trip to Madrid and the Gredos mountain range. The trip began with everyone meeting at Lyon airport at 04h45 for their flight. Once they landed in Madrid
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ISL is a member of the FIRST France Robotics association (Robotique FIRST France), which enables students from different schools to build robots and participate in inter-school
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