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High school

Each year we celebrate International Mindedness Day at ISL. During International Mindedness Day, we recognize the various cultures represented at ISL
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The results for the Secondary Library Quiz are in! Congratulations to Grade 10.1 for coming in first place, followed closely behind by Grade 8.2 and Grade 8.1. Well
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Grade 10 recently created a memory game for all the literary devices they need to learn for their exams. There are over forty techniques they need to know in total! The most
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Students in Grades 6 to 10 were recently challenged in a library quiz in order to become familiar with the new library. It was also a way to encourage them to do some research using books, rather than rely only on
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The Grade 11 IB Physics class have been finding out how good their expensive trainers really are, by measuring the coefficient of friction on dry and wet surfaces. The shoe below performed pretty well for both
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Over the 4th and 5th October, our Grade 12 Physicists carried out the Internal Assessment (IA) projects which contribute towards their final grades.
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In response to a wonderful and colourful top my student Ben wore in the recent spell of hot weather (front right), I rashly claimed that I could outdo him in the loud-shirt department. Mr Ingrey (second from left)
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As we approach the end of the school year, our oldest students move on to the next phase of their lives and new ones begin their learning journeys at ISL.
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This week we are celebrating READING. Can you imagine your day without any reading? It would be very hard, right? Because we read all the time! We read books, texts, signs, images, pictures, comics,
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