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Outdoor learning

The Kindergarten children hosted a Teddy Bears’ Picnic recently for all of their parents (and bear friends!). The parents came with their picnic blankets and sat in the shade of the
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Grade 10 are back in classes after their exams and, although all the testing is done, the Core Maths group has been putting their knowledge of mathematics to use by using trigonometry to survey the
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This amazing bee orchid (Ophrys apifera) is growing in the school flower bed! We don’t think that anyone planted it, so it’s just grown of its own accord. It’s growing not far from the
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Alongside the closing of our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry about ecosystems, the Grade 2s came up with the idea of creating a special day to celebrate the environment, which they called “One Earth
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As part of their transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the Planet’, the Senior Kindergarten students have been using their research skills to find out which plants grow above, below and on the
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Kindergarten has started a new Unit of Inquiry on the theme of “Sharing the Planet”. The Junior Kindergarten have had some interesting discussions in class to share their knowledge about
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With the onset of the fine weather, the SK students have begun to prepare their garden patch ready for planting. They had to pull out the weeds, rake the soil and then water it ready
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The Senior Kindergarten had the opportunity to play in the freshly fallen snow recently. For some, it was their first experience of snow and so the opportunities to explore were endless! Some students
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