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Middle School

middle school students playing football

Middle School

The Middle School curriculum (Grades 6–8) provides a thorough study of the various individual subject disciplines whilst maintaining the holistic and student-centred approach of the International Baccalaureate philosophy and IBO learner profile, both embodied in the ISL vision, 'Building Our Best Selves'.

Learning in the Middle School encourages students to realize that answers to many questions often require broad critical thinking and insights drawn from various areas of knowledge; it develops social, communication and interpersonal skills that facilitate collaboration and teamwork; it fosters creativity, personal responsibility, sensitivity towards the environment we live in and open-mindedness to towards all the differences shared in nationality, culture, religion, appearance etc.

The assessment of the students’ progress (subject-specific and ‘approaches to learning’) is carried out against a set of criteria linked to the objectives of each course and informs the teaching and learning processes during the year. Homework is given regularly to consolidate learning and students have the opportunity to demonstrate their attainment and review their individual targets in ongoing unit evaluations and end-of-year exams.

Along with the provision of core curricular subjects (see below), cross-curricular activities and project-based learning are an important and popular part of the Middle School curriculum. We have a rich visual arts and music programme, complemented by Design and Technology lessons and various inter-subject activities.  Off timetable projects (STEAM, Sustainable Development Goals and Personal Passion) also contribute to developing curiosity, creativity and  collaboration.  In PE, ISL Middle schoolers enjoy use of the local state-of-the-art gym, a nearby athletics and sports stadium as well as that of our own astro-turf multi-sports pitch.

The use of technology for learning is an integral part of classroom activities and English language (ESOL) and specific learning support are provided (at an extra cost) where necessary and appropriate.

To complement the school’s academic curriculum, the Middle School pastoral programme covers age appropriate societal and personal issues and at least one residential trip during the year allows all students from Grades 6-8 further opportunities to develop their social, communication and problem solving skills.

Middle School in ISL is an ideal skills and knowledge-based curriculum to prepare the students for the next stage of their education, the IGCSE programme in Grades 9 and 10.

ISL Middle School Programme Model


As outlined above, students in Middle School study English and French as a native or first language (including literature); French, Spanish or English as an additional language for non-native speakers; mathematics; integrated science; history; geography; physical and health education; visual arts; music and design and technology. Other language courses are available at extra cost if there is sufficient demand.

For more detail, please consult our ISL Middle School Curriculum Guide and our ISL Middle School Assessment Criteria.

All teaching and learning in Middle School is supported by ISL’s Vision, Values and Mission and the IBO Learner Profile.

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