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2021–2022 School Year
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Events and Activities

You're Invited!

Parties, Outings, Groups and More



The PTA organizes events and activities throughout the year.

We gather together as families and groups, to foster our interests, support our children, and create opportunities for long-lasting memories.

From history-buffs and coffee-drinkers, to language-learners and book-readers, we invite you to join us and be part of our community. Let’s create joyful memories together.

Back-to-School Events



The PTA welcomes families to campus at the beginning of the school year with a series of events.

The Back-to-School Coffee is an anticipated tradition at ISL. Held on the first day of class, current families catch up after a summer break, and new families mix and meet the community.

To celebrate the end of the first week of school the PTA invites families to join for an after-school Ice Cream Social.

New Family Welcome Social



The New Family Welcome Social is a special event, held on a weekend, only for newcomers and their mentor families. The day is designed to give all new families – students and parents – a chance to meet and to get-to-know each other.

It’s a great way to learn more about our community and find out how to get involved.

Look for your invitation soon after the start of school. See you there!

Faire la Fête


We love a good party!

ISL PTA organizes a series of Fêtes throughout the year. Staged for the whole community after school or on the weekend, the Fêtes bring us together to celebrate with games, activities, food and beverages.

The Fall Fête revels in autumn leaves and spooky treats.

The Winter Fête finds joy in all things frosty and jolly.

The Summer Fête savors sun and sand.

Activities and Parent Clubs

The PTA organizes outings and activities based on various interests in our community. The offerings differ from year-to-year depending on our families’ interests. Some recent examples are: 

  • French Discussion Group
  • English Lessons 
  • Learn-to-Knit
  • Book Club
  • Crafting and Decorating
  • Lyon History and Tours

Ask Us! We Will Try to Help



Moving can be stressful and living in another country is not always easy. Everyone can run into problems, or have questions, or need directions.

That’s why we’ve created the PTA Support & Advice group, a casual way to gather together and exchange information. Members of the PTA host the group monthly over coffee at school. All are welcome to drop-in to ask a quick question, or offer a great recommendation.

Help is also available virtually, through the Support & Advice WhatsApp group, where you can ask for advice anytime, day or night.

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