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2021–2022 School Year
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Middle school

On Tuesday 4th June, ISL held its annual music concert at the Salle L’Ellipse in Sainte-Foy. With over 120 students involved, spanning from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8 students, it showcased a variety of musical styles, instruments, languages and types of ensembles. A testament that music is very much alive and celebrated within the ISL community, the concert also highlighted 
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From 15th – 17th of May the Grade 6-8 students took part in the annual middle school camp. This year we went to the beautiful Abondance Valley in Haute Savoie. We stayed in the village of La Chapelle d’Abondance, a short distance from the renowned ski resort of Chatel.  The students took part in 5 outdoor activities: mountain biking, via ferrata, 
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Back in March, Grade 7 and 8 students went to the Bourse du Travail to listen to the Chamber Orchestra of Lyon perform. The program featured excerpts of repertoire by Ravel, Brahms and Tchaikovsky, a presentation of the 3 families of instruments in the orchestra (string, wind, percussion) and demonstrations of each individual instrument. For many of the students it 
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The Grade 5 students recently had the opportunity to spend a day following the Grade 6 schedule in order to better prepare them for the transition from Grade 5 to Grade 6 next year. They experienced what it was like to move from class to class on their own, and got to meet many of the teachers they are likely 
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When we learned in September that our usual venue was not available, ISL’s Model United Nations (MUN) club members were determined that nothing would stop their work to prepare, organize and run our annual International Lyon Model United Nations (ILYMUN) conference, which is co-hosted with the Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon (CSI). Thanks to the unwavering support of the directors 
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The ISL Robotics teams took part in the French DEFI Robotics tournament last weekend. They competed against 58 other schools from France and around Europe. Well done to all of the team for their hard work over the last few months. 
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In their pastoral lessons, the Grade 9 students recently prepared a story for the Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes.  They told the story of The Gruffalo using “Makaton”. Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. This activity enabled Grade 9 students to work on adaptation and improvisation skills, empathy and communication 
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Grades 4 and 6 recently joined forces to teach each other about different aspects of Ancient Rome as part of their current curriculum studies.  Who knew that the Romans ate peacock brains and flamingo tongues?! Or that they marched their soldiers in formation for kilometre after kilometre before the battle even began?!
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La semaine du goût (tasting week) is a week-long event that French schools organise each year in October. That week is an opportunity to celebrate and learn about many aspects of food. The Grade 9 and 10 students focused on chocolate this year. In their French lessons, they brainstormed what they knew about cocoa: its origins, its history, how it 
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In their English lessons, the Grade 8 students have been studying the novel Animal Farm, in which farm animals revolt against the tyranny of their human masters. Although the rebellion is a success, the freedom and equality the farm animals fought for are never realized. Instead, the pigs seize power through fear and manipulation (and the farm animals end up 
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