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2021–2022 School Year
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Unit of inquiry

In our unit of inquiry ‘How the World Works’, G1 students have been enthusiastically engaged in our Scientist of the Week project, where each student presented a science experiment to their classmates. We delved into hands-on activities, exploring static electricity, experimenting with the interactions of acidic and basic ingredients, and exploring the properties of magnetic and non-magnetic items. The classroom 
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Grades 3 and 4 recently had a fantastic visit to ÉbulliScience in Vaux-en-Velin, where they participated in a workshop on levers, linked to their current Unit of Inquiry titled “How the World Works”, which is about simple machines.  Students were invited to follow the procedures for scientific investigation by observing, hypothesising and then trying out various experiments!
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Grades 4 and 6 recently joined forces to teach each other about different aspects of Ancient Rome as part of their current curriculum studies.  Who knew that the Romans ate peacock brains and flamingo tongues?! Or that they marched their soldiers in formation for kilometre after kilometre before the battle even began?!
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The Grade 1s and 2s had a visit from our very own Dr. Feeney to kick off our science unit of inquiry, which falls under the transdisciplinary theme of How The World Works. He taught us about chemistry and demonstrated the importance of his many science tools and safety equipment. The students got a good look into the world of 
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As part of our transdisciplinary theme on How the World Works and our studies on height and length in Maths, the Senior Kindergarten students made 3D cityscapes from paper and cardboard. They had to think carefully about the size of each of the buildings that they created when placing them in their cityscapes, placing the taller ones at the back 
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As part of their Unit of Inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme of How The World Works, the Senior Kindergarten students have been busy building and testing the strength of bridges. They have discovered many things along the way and amongst their huge successes, they have had many collapsed bridges too! Take a look at some of their stronger structures below.
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The Grade 1s and 2s have been learning all about inventions in their unit of inquiry, Where We Are In Place And Time. The Grade 1s used their problem-solving skills to build inventions
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In our current Unit of Inquiry (How We Express Ourselves), the Junior Kindergarten (Kangaroo) class are talking about arts, and one of the artists they have learned about
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The Grade 3s were recently tuning in to their new unit of inquiry “Where We Are In Place And Time” with a focus on how explorers can change the way people live. They had to create a representation of what they
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This week the Grade 2s visited Dr. Feeney’s lab and got to witness a variety of cool light experiments linked to their unit of inquiry “How the World Works”. The central idea of the
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