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The Kindergarten children hosted a Teddy Bears’ Picnic recently for all of their parents (and bear friends!). The parents came with their picnic blankets and sat in the shade of the
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Mr Johnson visited the Kindergarten’s Assembly recently to share some of his travelling adventures. He showed the kindergarteners a
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The Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten (Kangaroo Class) have been exercising their thinking and problem-solving skills. In this fun PE activity called “Race
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The Grade 6.1 class joined in with the Junior Kindergarten class’ translanguaging activity during their Music and Movement time. The older students took turns to say the
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Kindergarten has started a new Unit of Inquiry on the theme of “Sharing the Planet”. The Junior Kindergarten have had some interesting discussions in class to share their knowledge about
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In the current Unit of Inquiry, Kindergarten has been inquiring into different types of art and artists. They are discovering how to express their ideas and feelings through
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In our current Unit of Inquiry (How We Express Ourselves), the Junior Kindergarten (Kangaroo) class are talking about arts, and one of the artists they have learned about
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In the Kangaroo class, the Junior Kindergarten (JK) students are beginning to blend sounds. They can recognise the letter sounds and join them together to decode words. One
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The Junior Kindergarten (JK) students have started a new Unit of Inquiry (How we Express Ourselves), in which they are learning to express their ideas and feelings through
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