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2021–2022 School Year
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Grade 2

As part of our unit of inquiry “How We Organize Ourselves, where we are learning about clothing, the Grade 2 students recently collaborated with the Grade 1s in a service learning activity. The Grade 2 students were eager to share their newly acquired skill of pom-pom making and each of the Grade 1 students came away with a wonderful, handmade 
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Recently, the Grade 2 students teamed up with their Grade 1 buddies for some cool math lessons. The Grade 2 kids were the teachers, showing the Grade 1s how to regroup while adding large numbers. Everyone had a blast, and the Grade 1s listened really well to their big buddies. It was great to see everyone having fun and learning 
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The Grade 1s and 2s had a visit from our very own Dr. Feeney to kick off our science unit of inquiry, which falls under the transdisciplinary theme of How The World Works. He taught us about chemistry and demonstrated the importance of his many science tools and safety equipment. The students got a good look into the world of 
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The Grade 2s have been learning about peace in their current inquiry unit “Sharing The Planet”. They 2 drew pictures to accompany the lyrics of this song, “Teaching Peace”. We hope you enjoy what they’ve created!
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Alongside the closing of our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry about ecosystems, the Grade 2s came up with the idea of creating a special day to celebrate the environment, which they called “One Earth
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The Grade 1s and 2s have been learning all about inventions in their unit of inquiry, Where We Are In Place And Time. The Grade 1s used their problem-solving skills to build inventions
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Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped the Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students create 5 colourful canvases to decorate their lunchroom. This was part
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The Grade 1s, 2s and 5s recently took part in a fun Buddy Reading activity linked to their units of inquiry. For the transdisciplinary theme of How The World Works, Grades
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This week the Grade 2s visited Dr. Feeney’s lab and got to witness a variety of cool light experiments linked to their unit of inquiry “How the World Works”. The central idea of the
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The Grade 2s have been learning about how imagination is used in storytelling. They wrote animal legends and they were proud to celebrate and show them off to the
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