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The Grade 11 English and French Language and Literature classes ventured down to the Musée Guimet in Lyon to see the temporary Shepard Fairey OBEY exhibition.
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The Grade 5 and 6 French A students are happy to share with you their annual ISL newspaper “Between the Pages”. Happy reading and a great summer to everyone!
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The Grade 3/4 students have been corresponding with a CE2 class at a French school in Montchat called Condorcet. For their final message of the year, they wanted to share their
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Ms Matrat’s Grade 7-8 French class entered the national competition “concours scolaire du carnet de voyage”. The class worked all year on a 40-page collective carnet de voyage
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During the “semaine de la langue française”, Thierry Mery, a comic book artist, delivered a workshop in ISL. Grade 5, 6, 9 and 10 students were taught how to use simple geometric
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Parlez-vous français ? At ISL, students can boost their learning in French thanks to our extra French lessons, which are offered to both Primary and Secondary students. The 2-hour lessons take place over
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Every year in October, “la semaine du goût” is celebrated across France. In ISL, the French department always tries to find a way to celebrate it, and this year was no exception. This year’s theme was how our 5
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On the morning of Thursday 23rd June, the Grade 3/4 classes went to meet their penpals with whom they had been exchanging letters. French
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Grade 11 went to a photography exhibition at Musée Jean Couty on 15th April. Jean Couty is a Lyon Painter and his museum on l’île Barbe is dedicated to his work.
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