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The ISL Indian community and the PTA joined millions of people around the world in the celebration of the Holi Festival last week. Parents and staff learned about the meaning of Holi — often called the Festival
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The PTA are once again helping to organize cooking classes for staff in order to raise money for school activities and events. The first 2 classes this year focused on cooking traditional Portuguese and Chinese dishes.
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The PTA held their International Food Fair last week, which was a huge success! Families cooked and sold traditional foods from their home countries as a fundraiser to help raise money for the PTA
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The second staff cooking class offered by the PTA this year was taught by PTA president Marwa. It featured an assortment of Middle Eastern dishes, including mujadara,
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The PTA have started offering cooking classes to staff after school. The first was an Indian cooking class led by Padmaja, who taught staff how to cook butter chicken, jeera rice and naan bread. It was both an
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