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Reading Challenge: Word Millionaires!

With more than a month still left in the school year, ISL can already boast 22 word millionaires! These students have read over 1 million words in their library books so far this year.

The Library would like to congratulate all these great readers: Juho and Juha in Grade 3; Thalia and Kian in Grade 4; Sofia, Lison, Franciska, Zayn, Ella, Iris, Océane and Sebastián in Grade 5; Matthew, Andrew, Alessia, Cecile, Emma and Leonard in Grade 6; and Charlotte, Zachary, Jonathan and Ignacy in Grade 7.

We use the website Renaissance Accelerated Reader to track the number of words the students read in each book they sign out of the Library. This makes for some very proud moments when the groups come to the Library each week and learn their updated word counts. We set goals at the beginning of each term, and when the goals are met, we celebrate! We have had cookies, discos, movies and hot-dog lunches during past celebrations.

Last year we finished with 23 word millionaires and this year is shaping up to be even better!

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