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Grade 3/4 Number Sequences

In Grade 3 Maths class we have been learning about, solving and creating number sequences. 
To show off our skills and to challenge other students, we have created an interactive display outside the Grade 3/4 classrooms. To enter the competition, students need to pick up a blank entry form from the green basket, find the values of the three missing terms (numbers) in each sequence and then work out the ‘rule’ -the way to find the value of each term.
Then they place their completed form in the blue basket. Grade 3 will mark the forms and display the best scores from each grade on the wall, along with the answers. A small prize will be given to the winner in each grade.
A new set of sixteen different number sequences of varying difficulties will be put up each Monday.
We hope that everyone enjoys our competition, sees how cool maths can be and wants to create their own interactive display board with their class.
Grade 3 and Mr. Nash
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