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Secondary Basketball Tournament

In the recent Summer Sports Competition, the secondary students were fully engaged and fought hard for their Colour Teams. The Grade 6, 7 and 8 students had voted to play in mixed-grade teams and appreciated the challenge of playing against younger and older students. The Grade 9s played against each other and continued their fierce rivalries, fighting hard for every point. 

The results for each group in the tournament were: 

Team A

1st Wolves (9)

2nd Cobras (4)

3rd Eagles (4)

4th Wolves (0)

Team B

1st Eagles (9)

2nd Sharks (6)

3rd Cobras (3)

4th Wolves (0)

Team C 

1st Sharks (9)

2nd Cobras (6)

3rd Eagles (3)

4th Wolves (0)

Grade 9

1st Cobras (9)

2nd Sharks (4)

3rd Wolves (4)

4th Eagles (0)

The overall winners were: COBRAS (22 points)

Sharks (19), Eagles (16), Wolves (13)

Well done to everyone who participated!

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