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9th Annual ISL Geography Quiz

Portraits of the 2 winners of the ISL Geography Quiz holding trophies and the 2 other finalists

Congratulations to this year’s champions of this year’s Geography Quiz: Filip in Grade 8 and Paul-Huy in Grade 10

Runners-up were Lewis in Grade 8 and Adrien in Grade 9.

The quiz took place at lunchtimes in March, designed and run by Mr. Dunn in the Geography department.

Quiz rounds included a tour of the weird and wonderful world of maps, world cities in different countries and famous landmarks in world cities.

The Grade 6-8 final was the closest final ever! Lewis led by 5 points after the first round and Filip (the defending champion) gradually clawed back the deficit, ending 18-18. It then took 7 extra questions to separate them for Filip to become the first student EVER to win back-to-back titles, each time by one point. 

The Grade 9-12 final was also close with Adrien leading by a point after round one before Paul-Huy came back to win by just 5 points. Paul-Huy is the first student to win at both age groups. 

Well done to all who entered and it was especially nice to see some new students having a go. Everyone enjoyed their ’round the world’ trip and the winners get to keep their trophies and souvenir book prizes. 

See you next year for the 10th ISL Geography Quiz – a decade already!!!

Mr. Dunn

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