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Grade 3 and 4 French Trip to Meet Their Penpals

On the morning of Thursday 23rd June, the Grade 3/4 classes went to meet their penpals with whom they had been exchanging letters. French B and AB Initio went to the park by the La Mulatière Library to meet a CE2 class from “l ‘école Notre Dame” and the French A class went to Park Blandan, in the 7th arrondissement, to meet a CE2 class from a school called Condorcet in Montchat.

French A took the C7 bus and had a fairly long journey. We were very happy to arrive and discover this great park.

The students had been preparing some activities to teach a little bit of English to their penpals where they asked each other questions or played games. They had great conversations together. It was such a fun day!

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