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Grade 5-to-6 Transition Day

A student looking at a liquid in a test tube, supported by a clamp and stand

The Grade 5 students recently had the opportunity to spend a day following the Grade 6 schedule in order to better prepare them for the transition from Grade 5 to Grade 6 next year. They experienced what it was like to move from class to class on their own, and got to meet many of the teachers they are likely to have next year. They attended homeroom for the first time, and had English, science, math, and humanities classes that day. They also had their PE lessons at the local gymnasium, just as the middle school students regularly do.

This is part of a larger transition program that we are developing to help students with this considerable change, and it was a huge success. Below you can see some photos of the students participating in their science lessons, where they learned about magnetic forces and did a practical experiment about acids and bases.

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