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Artist Tereza Buskova Inspires Primary Students

Recently, our grade 3, 4, and 5 students had an enriching encounter with the talented video artist Tereza Buskova. Tereza, known for her specialisation in films and printmaking, shared insights into her work, which is currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in Lyon as part of the “Works from the British Council and the macLYON collections – Friends in Love and War” exhibition.

During the session, students delved into Tereza’s creative process, drawing inspiration from heritage and folklore to bridge the gap between Eastern European and Western European cultures. They learned about her unique approach of creating rituals to foster inclusivity, unity, and a sense of community among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, students gained valuable perspectives on Tereza’s collaborations with professionals and everyday individuals who participate in her films. They also discovered how she sustains her artistry through the support of family, art organisations, teaching, and community engagement.

The session culminated in a lively dialogue between the students and the artist, creating an engaging and thought-provoking experience for all involved.

Here is some more information about the artist’s work at macLyon.

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