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Primary Principal and PYP Coordinator

Dear ISL Parents and Guardians,

As you are aware, Alison Pattinson will unfortunately be leaving ISL at the end of this academic year. Over the course of this past month, we have been reviewing candidates, both internal and external, to fill the positions that Mrs. Pattinson currently holds of Primary Principal and PYP Coordinator. We have been fortunate to have had excellent internal candidates for these two roles, and I am pleased to announce that we have now completed the recruitment process and confirmed their appointments, effective as of this coming August.

PYP Coordinator: Anna Clow

Many of you will know Mrs. Clow either from the highly interactive “Engagement in Learning” sessions that she has led, or as your child’s teacher in the kindergarten. Mrs. Clow has previously held academic leadership roles in schools in Paris and in The Hague, and she brings to the ISL PYP program a wealth of experience from international schools in many different countries around the world.

Primary Principal: Vincent McManus

In addition to his work as a classroom teacher and ICT Coordinator, Mr. McManus has been serving as ISL’s Assistant PYP Coordinator for the past four years. He has had a leading role in a number of key projects at ISL, including being directly involved in the successful PYP reauthorization process last year, as well as leading the review of the mathematics curriculum and assessment in the primary school.

Primary Principal

Both Mrs. Clow and Mr. McManus will be working closely with Mrs. Pattinson in the upcoming weeks in order to ensure a smooth transition and preparation for the next academic year. Under their leadership, I am certain that we will be able to continue to build upon the excellent foundation that Mrs. Pattinson has laid and ensure an exceptional IB PYP education at ISL for your children.

With kind regards,
David Johnson, ISL Director

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