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10th Annual ISl Geography Quiz

2 students, 1 holding a trophy and both holding other prizes.

The champion of this year’s quiz is again,  Filip, from Grade 9. 

The Runner-up was again, Lewis, also from Grade 9.

The quiz took place at lunchtimes in March, designed and run by Mr. Dunn in the Geography department.

Quiz rounds included Geography in the news, matching amazing worldwide homes to their countries, cities in different countries, countries and capital cities in their native languages, city photos and so on.

Filip has won the title for the 3rd year running! He is the only person to have done this at ISL. Truly a Geography quiz champion! He had to dig deep to overcome a deficit in the qualifying round and he did the same in the final. ‘Remontada Filip’ indeed!

Last year, Filip won by just one point against Lewis, and this time, Lewis had a lead of between 2 and 4 points for most of this competition. Filip then managed to pull ahead once again and won by 5 points, but as ever, both can be proud of their quiz battle!

Filip will keep the trophy and both he and Lewis walked away with a prize as well. 

A decade of ISL Geography quizzes has now been completed at ISL…

Mr. Dunn

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