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Physics Internal Assessment Projects – 2022

Grade 12 student measuring the rebound height of an inflated ball

Over the 4th and 5th October, our Grade 12 Physicists carried out the Internal Assessment (IA) projects which contribute towards their final grades. The students chose an interesting selection of physical effects to investigate:

  • The effect of spin on the trajectory of a falling body.
  • The effect of body size on cooling rate.
  • The effect of water on the grip of a bicycle tyre.
  • The effect of concentration on the refractive index of sugar syrup.
  • The effectiveness of sweating in cooling a body.
  • The effect of temperature on the elasticity of rubber.
  • The characteristics of thermistors.
  • The effect of internal pressure on the bounce of a football.
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion measured using the diffraction of a laser.
  • The effect of internal pressure on the bounce of a football.
  • The design of a perfect sycamore seed.

You can see some photos of their efforts below. Well done, Grade 12s!

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