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Grade 5 Trip to Geneva

Grade 5 took a trip to Geneva because our current unit of inquiry is about migration. We visited the UN, The Red Cross and the Red Crescent Museum and the Ethnography Museum to learn more about refugees and people’s migration stories.

First we took the train to Geneva. We ate on the train and arrived at a hostel after lunch. Then we went to the Ethnography Museum. It was a very rainy day.

On Thursday we went to the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Museum, we could tap on screens and hear people from all over the world, talking about how they migrated and how they were feeling at the time.

On the same day we went to the UN, which was amazing. We saw peacocks and went inside a library and saw huge meeting rooms. At the end you could buy a souvenir. We saw the big red chair and every student wanted to go through the water spouts and get wet, so that is what we did. 

We enjoyed it so much, nobody wanted to leave the next day.

By Thais, Grade 5K

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