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Escandille Middle School Trip

From Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th of September 69 students from Grades 6-8 took part in an outdoor education trip to the Escandille centre in Autrans. Autrans is famous for being the site of the 1968 Winter Olympics, and it is situated at over 1000m altitude in the Vercors mountains southeast of Lyon.

All students took part in activities such as mountain biking, caving, rock climbing and hiking. Evening activities included swimming and access to a games room. The activities required students to go beyond their normal daily routines and challenge themselves physically and mentally. In doing so, the students had a really enjoyable time.

I would like to thank the students for their excellent commitment during the trip. I would also like to thank Mr. Nash, Ms. Mannion, Ms. Hidra, Ms. MacCamley and Mr. Beaudouin for their help during the trip.

Mr. O’Reilly

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