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Class of 2024 Physics IA

The current Grade 11 Physics students have been carrying out the practical experiments for their IA (Internal Assessment) investigations before the end of term. These are an important part of their qualifications, worth 20% of their final grade.

We have a good range of subjects being investigated this time:

  • Investigating the efficiency of wind turbine blades of different aspect ratios as wind speed changes.
  • Investigating the changing efficiency of solar panels as their temperature changes.
  • Determining the relationship between the speed of sound and air temperature by measuring resonance in a tube.
  • Determining the coefficient of thermal expansion of a metal wire by measuring its change in pitch as it is electrically heated.
  • Investigating the effect of soil dampness on the bounce of a soccer ball by measuring Newton’s coefficient of restitution.

Well done to all those involved!

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