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Percussion Performance in the EYU

Luc standing in front of a jungle-themed background with various instruments hanging from the foliage

The whole EYU enjoyed a special Percussionist visitor this week, named Luc. He presented a ‘spectacle’ called ‘Le Jardin des Tintamarres’ and afterwards the classes had the chance to try each one of his instruments. The scene was set as a beautiful garden with giant trees hanging with instruments! The gongs represented the sun and the moon and there were rainmakers for the rain and a set of guiro toads – a baby, a mummy and a daddy – that made different sounds. He showed us instruments to make the birds sing and beautiful chimes to give the garden a wonderful ambiance. In the spectacle, Luc played all of the instruments hanging in the trees – the cello, the guitar, the violin and a charango too!

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