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In May we run for Courir POUR ELLES. This organisation supports women who are undergoing cancer treatment.
The choices:
  • 10 km chronorace on 22 May at Parc Parilly – 29 € (only for women)
  • 5 or 10 km walking or running on 22 May at Parc Parilly – 24 € (only for women)
  • 5 or 10 km wherever, any time during May – 22 € (men also allowed)
You can come to the stadium near the school on 6 May where all ISL parents and students can have fun, meet each other and walk or run. We will send out the complete programme soon. Cost: 22€
All ISL students pay half price for any of these events.
Those who want to have their name on the T-shirt have to register as soon as possible, before 16 April. You can register at the school gate on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Or send an email to marc.vanhoovels[at]gmail.com with your name and the distance you want to walk or run. You will then receive the link to register for the ISL-group.
See our Facebook post for more information.
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