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New Families

Parent-teacher association members

PTA Welcoming Committee

Dear New Families,

Welcome to the International School of Lyon. We are so glad you’re here!

Starting a new school is an exciting and challenging adventure, for students and for their families. We are here to help you get settled into ISL and Lyon by providing information and opportunities to get to know (and love!) our community. 

We are grateful that you are joining us.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Your ISL Welcoming Committee

As a new ISL family, you are likely to have lots of questions about your new school, new city and new community.

We understand — we were new once, too!

That’s why, prior to your arrival, the Welcoming Committee provides you a PTA mentor, who will help your transition to Lyon and our school. Your mentor can answer questions about ISL, and help guide you when you arrive.

If we don’t have the answers, we’ll help you find them!

Need to get in touch with us before then?

Reach out to the Welcoming Committee at [email protected].

New Family Welcome Events

The Welcoming Committee hosts special events for new families at the beginning of the school year. The Back-to-School Coffee is held on the first day of classes in September – all parents are invited to celebrate the beginning of school and members of the Welcoming Committee wear orange shirts so new families can easily find a friendly face to ask questions, or start conversations. The New Family Welcome Social is a fun day planned exclusively for our newest community members. Hosted by mentor families from the Welcoming Committee, the Welcome Social is a great opportunity to meet fellow newcomers and mix with community members, all while relaxing with drinks and home-made foods.

Newcomers Resources

Click the image above to download the booklets (password protected)

Welcome to your new city and your new school! We are committed to helping you with your transition.

We’ve prepared two booklets to help introduce you to your new surroundings, and answer a few frequently asked questions, like: Where do I park to drop my children at school? And, where can I find an English-speaking doctor?

We hope you’ll find what you need, and if not, please reach out to us directly at [email protected].

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