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Online Learning

The International School of Lyon is dedicated to continued learning during compulsory school closure.

ISL developed its Continued Learning Plan (CLP) for all classes in March 2020 in response to the first Covid lockdown in France. It grew quickly into a detailed and effective system of rapidly implementable teaching and learning strategies with remote ‘live classes’, recorded sessions, interactive homework platforms and frequent parent updates. Secondary students work on an adapted timetable which covers all their core lessons, unit assessments and exam preparation, whilst primary use a system of ‘choice boards’ to ensure that learning continues to takes place across the whole curriculum. Student participation and progress are assessed collectively and individually, with physical and psychological well-being monitored on a regular basis. Strict video and communication platform protocols are also in place to ensure safe and secure participation in the online programme.

ISL parents and students expressed deep confidence and satisfaction with the CLP in both its implementation and its results.

We are happy to announce that Covid restrictions have been greatly lifted as of 21st March 2022: masks are no longer compulsory (though a large majority of our community are still wearing them) and mandatory self-isolation for positive and contact cases has been reduced. We hope to have a near return to complete normality very soon but assure you that the CLP can be reinstated at very short notice if needed. We are proud that we can implement effective online or hybrid teaching and learning rapidly whenever necessary.

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