Enrichment Programme and Activities

In order to complement its academic programme and make student learning relevant to the world outside school, as well as to promote personal and social development, ISL offers frequent outings or field trips related to its curriculum areas. These include practical geography field trips, cultural and linguistic outings as well as primary Unit of Inquiry based outings and residentials.

ISL also offers a wide range of Enrichment Activities in the fields of sports, the arts and, for the older students, local or international community service. These include such activities as secondary drama and music clubs as well as primary musical theatre club which put on annual productions, a whole school choir, mathematics clubs, a soccer club, a chess club, a Nature and Environmental club and various other sporting, cultural and manual activities. The school also sends a delegation each year to at least two Model United Nations conferences and this year, for the fifth consecutive year, is hosting the local ILYMUN conference with a local sister school. Extra group language lessons and individual instrument and voice lessons are available upon request.

ISL student councils (Primary and Secondary) are also very active in organizing student-led activities and events.